Some of My Favorites

Monday, May 19, 2008


I made a bracelet I am very excited about. A friend of mine asked me to make it for her friend. Green and pink she said. You know with the sparkly beads. I mulled it around in my head. Four days later I have created it. I really like it. It is very feminine. Unfortunately, she is out of town for a week. I will have to wait until next week to show it to her. Her computer is down so emailing her a pic is out of the question. I really think she will like it.

And, if all goes well, we will be moving into "our" house not too far from hers. I haven't told her that yet. Pretty exciting.

(It will be a year this week that we moved my son out of our house. Hard feelings. I wish he were more trustworthy. I am sad. I miss him. I don't miss his behaviors.)

Time for a little ice cream and off to bed. It was a hot one today. Yuck. Thank goodness for the breeze. It helped to cool the sweat. Gross, but true. LOL.

Sunday, May 18, 2008


We have been house hunting for a few weeks now. Boy, we have seen some real dumps. We saw one that listed that it had a pool. When we got to the backyard there was just a big yard. No pool. The owners had left a note with rocks holding it stating that they had filled the pool and buried the shed. Weird. Who knows what else is buried in there. Creepy. A few days after the house came on the market it was removed. That either means it is pending sale or it foreclosed. This house was already bank owned. Hard to believe someone bought it. The rest of the house was in total disarray. Just wild.

We put an offer on a house today that we ALL like. We are so hoping. It is foreclosed. It is a nice size with room to put a pool in and still have some backyard.

House hunting is mentally and physically tiring. The roller coaster ride. (I don't like roller coasters.) My husband's co-worker and buddy is also looking for a house. Nothing like a little competition among friends.

Off to create some jewelry...