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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Playing with the big kids...

Last night I went out with my husband to a pool hall to meet some folks from work. It was one of the guys' birthday. I was glad they had ESPN on. Gave me something to do. The Padres won. Go Padres!!! I don't drink alcohol. So, I had a bottle of water. (And brought in some 31 Flavors ice cream.) Some of the folks were already plastered. It is weird watching how foolish drunk people behave. I just don't get it. I can be silly without drinking. Most of them left by 10 pm. They had to work today. The only ones left were my husband, his buddy and myself. We were at a pool table near the center. I could see around the whole place. There were your typical females with little tops on and their butts and boobs hanging out. There were two fellows with really nicely ironed shirts and nice shoes. I think they iron their shirts together. They were having a great time and their hair looked great. There were the lonely looking fellows so drunk, or tired, or both, just sitting there looking lifeless. There were a few senior folks. They were having fun too. I hit one ball in when I played. Pretty rusty. But, it was a nice smooth shot.

There was a punching thing in the corner. Looked like it measured your psi after you hit it. My husband and his buddy went over to it. I stayed at the pool table. I had watched other guys hit it earlier. I just couldn't watch when my husband hit it. I guess seeing the wind up and exertion was too much. I know he is struggling with work. The owner insisted he fire a fellow whom my husband felt did nothing to warrant being fired. Nor did anybody else in the entire shop who witnessed the situation. Ethics. The owner's ethics seem pretty immoral based on the holy dollar. Just not right. My husband got into fights when he was a teenager. I have the hardest time watching UFC and even wrestling, even though I know they are just acting. I don't do violence.

So, here I sit wondering when my husband is leaving his present job to go to work for a guy who left the same business last year and has started up his own business. Does he want my husband to work for him just to spite the owner? Does he really want my husband to work with him because of his skills? It is a new business with big promises. I am leary. They guy lied to the owner about his reasons for leaving. Said he was going to retire. BS. My husband used to claim that this guy had major mood swings. Now he tells me the guy is bipolar. Untreated? Scary. I know my husband is frustrated where he is work-wise, but is it worth changing jobs and getting stuck in a situation just for the new boss to seek revenge with the old? No, if you ask me.

Sometimes you find out you are the bigger person when "playing with the big kids." I would rather go looking for ladybugs.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


All I can say is it was the end of a ferocious migraine. Thank goodness it is over.

Monday, April 7, 2008


Spring is here. I am seeing ladybugs everywhere I go. One landed on my shirt the other day. Today the kids at school were more interested in looking for ladybugs than playing their daily game of soccer. It was neat seeing them so into the world around them. They were so excited when a ladybug would stay on their arm or hand for a few seconds.

Last week, as a thank you, I made a ladybug bracelet for a friend. She is also my "Number One Customer." She wore it today. It is so cute, if I say so myself. I am going to make more bracelets like hers and name it after her Etsy name. Lvladybugs is her name. I am going to entitle the bracelets "Luvs Ladybugs."

If I were ever to get a tatoo, it would be of a ladybug sitting on my right shoulder.

On a personal note, I have been waiting to hear from my oldest son as to when he is due to leave for Army boot camp. No word yet. It is hard to let go and be patient.

Off to play with the ladybugs!!!

Sunday, April 6, 2008


I am new to blogging. Guess you already figured that out. lol. I am hoping to share my experiences, strengths and hopes here. I am a married mother of three children and two cats. I am a happy crafter with Etsy is an online community where handmade items can be bought and sold. I was in my first treasury today thanks to someone really sweet I just met yesterday. It is very flattering and exciting to be posted in an Etsy treasury. Making jewelry and selling it has become a big commitment. Thank goodness I enjoy it. I am a new member of Military Brats at Etsy and San Diego's East County Team.

I work at my daughter's school as a noon duty. I supervise the students during their lunch time and recess following lunch. I work with first graders through sixth graders. Our school is the last in our district to have a sixth grade. Our school is a magnet school. Students who attend while in the third through sixth grade are either in a GATE Identified class (Gifted and Talented), a FAME class (performing arts) or in a STAR class (Science, Technology and Research). My younger son and my daughter are GATE Identified. My older son is in the process of joining the Army.

I am hoping to keep up with this blog. We shall see.

Hasta luego,