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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Giving Thanks

I have not been feeling very happy lately. Worrying about money doesn't help. Having a sweet, little guy smile at me just because does. Having to take my son in to meet with the high school drop out prevention specialist doesn't; having him call me when school is out to say he is staying after class to catch up does. Having a daughter wanting outside of our realm doesn't; having a daughter make me a card saying she loves me does. Hearing that a friend's marriage is losing its strength doesn't; knowing that she is strong does. Knowing a neighbor has hospice doesn't; knowing that they are there to help ease her pain does. Having a husband give his all at work doesn't; seeing the twinkle in his eye when he comes home does. Having family members passed on and holidays different doesn't; learning to appreciate having the family we do have and friends does. Finding my pants fit tighter doesn't; knowing I have food to eat does.

I am thankful. Thankful my husband and I take time out to meet up and share the happenings of our day. Thankful my oldest is not in Iraq. Thankful my middle son is happier at school. Thankful my daughter is maturing. Thankful my kitties like to sleep at the foot of our bed. Thankful my sister and nephew will be home Sunday. Thankful baby Aden is getting better and will be leaving NICU sooner than expected.

I am happy. I have hit some pot holes along the way. Thank goodness I know to climb out instead of dig deeper.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Jolly Rancher

This is the prize I won from Jewelry on Etsy Team Holiday Sale Treasure Hunt. I received this yummy bracelet from MonkeyBuns.
This is such a vibrantly colored bracelet with a really strong silver magnetic clasp. Really cool!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Super Giveaways from EtsyMom Team

EtsyMom is having this Super Giveway for the entire month of November. I just visited the current shop with a giveaway. Boodybabies. When I clicked on her shop this diaper tote/mini handbag totally caught my eye.

Amy Butler is the artist of this fabric pattern. The print is entitled August Fields. This bag is not only beautiful, but practical.

I tend my friend's little guy during the week. I would love to carry around his necessities in this adorable bag. It would make a great tote when it is not carrying baby items.

The prize for this blog giveaway are these two cute Minky dot burpcloths. They are adorable. Love the polka dots and dots for sensory development. Adorable.

I would love to win these.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

"A friend loves at all times."

Angelasheartwork is having a Blog Giveaway!!!

Beautiful photos and Christ-inspired poetry and verses.

One of my favorite listings of hers is Proverbs 17 Verse 17. The photograph is of her two female kitties. They had been through a life changing experience and the photo shows them comforting each other. This reminds me of my best friend and me. (Love you Lori.)

Be sure to check out her shop on Etsy and her blog!
Angelasheartwork (shop)

Angela's Heartwork (blog)

Best wishes Angela on your pregnancy and little boy on the way!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sunday I went on a Treasure Hunt

Sunday I was checking my email, Etsy shop and team forums I belong to. I am a member of the Military Brats Team and San Diego East County Team. One of our Bratty members is also a member of JET. JET stands for Jewelry on Etsy Team. She posted Sunday on our Brat forum that JET was having a Holiday Sale Treasure Hunt and all were welcome. The person heading the hunt was jeweledblossoms. Her True Friendship Bracelets caught my eye.

I love a challenge so I looked into it. The hunt was to start Sunday at 12 pm EST time and end Monday, at 12 pm EST. I live in CA and had read the post at 10:30 am PAC time. The rules of the hunt stated that the first five people to convo the list of 25 shops the Santa mouse visited to jeweledblossoms would win either a gift certificate or a piece of jewelry from one of the participating shops . The remaining people who convo'd their lists would be put in a drawing and 20 entrants would be chosen to receive a gift certificate or piece of jewelry. So, I had a chance.

I was impressed with all the different styles of jewelry I saw. One of my favorites was a pair of pumpkin earrings. Unfortunately I don't remember which shop had them listed. Good excuse to revisit all the the shops who participated. MoonMystic is the Etsian who posted the invite. She has an awesome array of stone pendants and earrings in her shops. Her second Etsy shop is Please be sure to check them out.

Back to the hunt... I really got into looking for the Santa mouse. Many times I ended up wandering around the different shops looking at their many artistic creations. I wanted to have a chance at winning, so I had to keep reminding myself to get back on task. "Work, work, work." Not really, it was great fun. (Have you figured out I am competitive?)

I put my list together and convo'd it to the the last listed shop, jeweledblossoms. Shortly thereafter I posted on their forum that I had found the mouse. I waited a bit and saw a new post saying they had a fourth winner. Then I received a convo that I was that winner. Too cool! What a great way to spend a Sunday morning.

Thanks MoonMystic!!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

7 Facts About Me

7 Facts About Me

Okay, this is still a new thing for me. I am not a major blogger. I have been tagged by Deanna at Random Wanderings. I am supposed to list 7 facts about myself. Hmm, here goes:

I am a big roller coaster chicken. I don’t even like riding Merry-Go-Rounds anymore. Makes me so dizzy. So, I am not much fun at amusement parks.

I love Disney/Pixar movies. My favorite lately is Cars. I just love the message of slowing down and just enjoying life. (Relating to my first fact: I love the “kiddie” rides at Disneyland.) The last time we went to Disneyland I asked my husband to take my picture with every character we came across.

I had a really hard time with panic attacks and anxiety for years. I take medication to help with it. It was so bad I couldn’t attend baseball games at Jack Murphy Stadium or go out to dinner.

I love working with kids. I wanted to be a teacher when I was a kid. I taught preschool for about 8 years. I have an Associates Degree in Child Development. For the last three years I was a noon duty at my daughter’s elementary school. This school year I am taking care of my best friend’s baby. He is four months old.

I had cervical cancer in 2005. I had a hysterectomy in the summer of 2006. I am grateful to be cancer free, yet I was depressed I could never have kids again. Mind you I have three great kids. Just knowing that having another baby was out of the question was a real loss for me.

I had my belly button pierced. It was pierced for about 1-1/2 years until I had surgery for the cancer. I took my ring out for the first surgery and tried to put it back in two days later and the hole had already closed. Bummer.

I love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I eat them for lunch almost everyday. I ate that for lunch my entire senior year. I still eat them almost daily.

So, now you know a little more about me. It is your turn to share, if you are willing. I am tagging:

Trying my hand at this

Roses and Rocks

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Anhoki's Place

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Thanks, Deanna, this was fun.

Hope life is treating you all well and you are doing the same for others.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Graduation is near!

"Some people spend an entire lifetime wonderng if they made a difference. The MARINES don't have that problem." President Ronald Reagan - 1985

(Thanks, Sue)

Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Marine in the making

My oldest son's pinning is set for September 11th. He is due to graduate September 19th. I am feeling like such a mom. He has made plans to visit friends up north on his leave. He has chosen infantry. He is looking forward to school because he will be learning how to kill. I just cried when I read that. I am proud and scared at the same time. He has had a chemical infection in both eyes. He has strains in his legs from overdoing it. I am grateful he hasn't given up or gotten in trouble. Such a growth experience for both of us.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bratty Tuesday Treasury

Here is a treasury I put together for the Military Brats Team. I chose items that were serene and easy on the eyes. One team member said she felt the temperature drop 10 degrees when she saw this treasury. It is mighty hot in Texas.

I really enjoy putting treasuries together.

If you would like to visit this treasury, go to:

It is viewable until Thursday at 2:45 pm.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Etsy Military Brats Street Team 1st Birthday

Today, August 1st, is our Etsy Military Brats Street Team's 1st birthday. To celebrate this special day some of us have swapped birthday gifts. I received a nifty silver twisted ring with a purple Swarovski crystal in the middle of a flower. Way cool! My buddy chose a brown and turquoise bracelet from my shop. Says it is her favorite bracelet to wear. We have a new blog and flickr site to share our thoughts, pictures and artisticness. (Probably not a word, but I like it.)

We also have a forum thread, on Etsy, that everyone is welcome to visit. This weekend many of us are offering specials and discounts in our shops. Please be sure to visit:

Being a member of Etsy's Military Brats Street Team is very fulfilling. The friendships, kindness and unity are wonderful.

God bless.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Our Military Brat Treasury

These are items from some of our members in a treasury to go with our Storque article Etsy is doing on teams.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I was in a particularly fun mood this day. I had just been out to lunch with one of my best friends. We have been friends since 9th grade. Wow! My middle child is going into 9th grade this year. Wild!

New Blog for Brats

This is my dad in his Naval uniform, my mom and me wearing my dad's cover. This was taken in August of '69. Saying bye to daddy. We were at the airport.

I belong to Etsy's Military Brat Street Team. We have a new blog site. All of us have/had a parent or parents who are either serving or have served in the Military. Be sure to check us out!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Feeling better

I have survived my pity party. Hooray! What a downer. Guess I had to get it off my mind and chest.

We went to my younger son's end of summer school barbecue this evening. We watched a really cool video of the kids throughout the six weeks of school. A lot of great team building activities. It was really neat seeing my son and his friends in the video. I also introduced myself to his girlfriend and ex-girlfriend's mothers. The ex-girlfriend's mom had just met my son today. That is kind of weird. This was middle school boyfriend/girlfriend. A lot of texting and instant messaging. Oh yeah, and many hours of phone time. The awkward thing about this is the ex-girlfriend introduced my son to her friend and now they are "together." Okay. The ex's mom says her daughter is the resident match maker.

I have been keeping busy with "tagging" other members on the Etsy Military Brats Street Team. If you look through my shop in the descriptions you will find links to the other member's shops. It has been fun looking through their shops and mine for items that compliment each other.

I am feeling better. Deep breath and smiling.


I have the boo-hoos today. My cousins are all getting together in our family state of Utah. My mom, grandma and aunt live there as well. As kids we spent a lot of time together. As adults we have gone our separate ways. One cousin and his family live in Nebraska. The other three live in Utah, but don't keep in touch with each other very often. It is actually sad. Their mom and dad have passed away. They do have their in-laws. We just seemed to be much closer as kids.

My sister, her son, my kids and myself went up to visit a year ago January. Only one of our cousin's made time to see us. We don't talk as often as we could, but we do keep in touch. She is a sweetheart. As for her brothers I just don't understand them. I am disappointed that they are so distant. Almost seems selfish. Although I do know that the loss of a parent can change a person. And to lose both, I can only imagine.

Today is a barbecue at my youngest son's school. It is the ending of summer school. Yesterday they went on a field trip to Misison Bay. He got to try out surfing. He had a blast. He really loved the wet suit. He came home and told me he wants to get a board and suit. Today is the first day of summer vacation that I have really slept in. I have been moving around and putting together furniture in my daughter's room. I think it all caught up with me last night. I slept for more than ten hours. I feel muddle headed. Too much sleep.

Got a letter from my oldest Tuesday. Seemed like forever since the last one. (I think it was a week ago.) His girlfriend is not pregnant. Just mother nature taking her time in bringing her monthly visitor. My son said he was disappointed. I was a bit, but more relieved. He is 19. He has at least 20 more years to have children. He is just starting his career in the Marines. He sounded humble in this letter. Even my husband noticed that when he read the letter. They are off to Pendleton for the next four weeks and then return to MCRD. He is set to graduate in September the day after my husband's and my anniversary.

I have a swirl of emotions going on inside me. I miss my mom. I am missing my cousins, or at least the cousins I remember from childhood. I am missing my grandma. She will be 95 in October. The kids and I have some free time before football and school start, but I am afraid to drive up there to visit. I don't know my way around Salt Lake. The last few times I have gone up there I have been with my sister. She knows her way around. She is planning to go up there the end of August before her son starts school in September. That won't work for us. We will be back to school and work. My husband is going to change jobs in the next few weeks. He will be going from being a district manager of eight automotive stores to managing one. At least it is down the street from us. Saves of fuel and wear and tear of the vehicle.

I am scared. Scared of losing my grandma. Scared of my mom's health. Scared of my husband changing jobs. Scared the new job is not all it is cracked up to be. Scared the owner of the new business is going to screw my husband over. Scared of being scared. Scared that I have put weight back on and won't be able to lose it again.

Sounds like I need to step out of the hole I am digging and fill it up. This has been a rocky summer for me. We went into it with the hopes and dreams of buying a house and my oldest leaving for boot camp eventually. We ended up not qualifying for the down payment the same day we received the final okay from the seller's lenders. Then a week later the company we had our mortgage loan preapproved with went under. It was a blessing in disguise. And hard to let go of the dream of having our own home. My son was scheduled to leave for boot camp this September unless an opening came up. He ended up leaving the day after his 19th birthday, June 23rd. His letters say he is doing well.

Time for a gratitude list. I am grateful for:

my health - cancer free for two years

we have a place to live

an empty sink - no dirty dishes piling up

clean cat box

healthy kids

healthy kitties



clean clothes


gas in the gas tank




my husband

my kids

laundry soap



being able to pay utility bills on time

money in the bank

comfortable shoes

my teddy bear from my sister

I wish I could cry. That is really hard for me. I miss my dad. Or at least the dad I wish I had. This is not the most happy of entries, but it is how I am feeling today. Things I am going to work through.
(the picture came from an artist on Etsy)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

A better day

After talking it out with my sister and husband, there is a possibility that my son is telling the truth. Could I really be a grandma? Could he really be a father? Oh my! Only time will tell.

Today my daughter, her friend, and I went out to lunch with my best friend and her little guy. He is already a month old. Man, time flies. He is still so adorable. I am very happy for her. We went to Mimi's for lunch. The food was good. The waitress was rude. She rushed us through the entire meal. I wasn't even half way through my meal and she brought the check. I moved the check to get it out of the way and she swooped over to collect. I spoke to the manager and she brought out the general manager. I was offered a gift certificate. I said I didn't think I would be coming back. It was just really rude.

My sister is on cloud nine. She and her boyfriend are back together. He is lucky I like him. JK. He has asked her several times if I am mad with him. Yes. Mad that he her hurt her feelings. I figured he had cold feet. It was not as though they were going to get married, just the commitment scared him. He has taken care of his ailing father for years. His father just passed and will be dearly missed. I wish the two of them well. They are a great couple.

Life is good. Who knows I might actually be a grandma. (smile)

Taking a walk does wonders

I have been in a slump the last two days, and a few more, over the house business and then my oldest son. My youngest son has football practice every weekday. Some days he has it twice a day. He has asked me a few times to come and walk the track. I figured he wanted me to walk the track while he hung out with friends. So, I wasn't too intested. Yesterday he asked again. I told him no and gave him the excuse that I was hungry and my shorts had gotten wet at the pool. I had been watching my daughter and her friends at the complex pool and had my feet in the water. I changed my clothes, put on tennies and surprised him. He surprised me, too. He and a friend he knows from elementary school were already walking the track and joined me. It was cool. I think we went around four times. I felt so much better afterwards.

I had high hopes that my oldest would miraculously change after being at boot camp for just two weeks. Nope. I am working on accepting that is who he is. It upsets me that he doesn't tell the truth with a lot of things. A lot of them are really serious like his girlfriend being pregnant. I just don't understand why he does that. Perhaps I never will.

My husband's aunt used to tell me, "Chin up, boobies out." Made me laugh then and makes me smile now. Reminds me I want to give her a call.

Taking a walk does do wonders. It is even more fun when your fourteen year old walks with you even though the junior varsity and varsity girls' cheer team is running/walking the track at the same time. Priceless.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I tell ya...

Yesterday we signed cancellation documents for the purchase of the house. Originally we were preapproved for a mortgage loan and a down payment loan in April. In May our broker told us there were some changes with the requirements. Okay. Nothing more said. Last Monday we received written approval from the seller's second lender. Happy dance, right? Nope. Our broker called and told us the approval news and then that we no longer qualify for the down payment loan. The requirements had changed the week prior. (Thanks for the heads up.) So, there we stood with dual approval and no down payment. I asked her didn't we qualify. Yes, she said. I asked how we qualified for the mortgage loan without having the down payment. I am guessing I am just naive. From the way she explained it to me is sounds like she had written up the loan with the assumption that we had the down payment money from a relative. Nope.

I was doing our banking last week and saw a pending charge for the appraisal. She told me she had post-poned the appraisal. I didn't understand. Today I emailed her and she said the fee is paid upfront. My blood was beginning to boil. Pardon my french, but what the hell? I asked to have it refunded. She replied and said she took care of it.

I think when we go down this road later we will find a different broker. Ugh. Maybe that is how all of this works, but I don't like the not knowing. Thank goodness our realtor was more helpful.

On the upside, sort of, I got two letters from my oldest son who is at his second week of boot camp. Funny thing is I had just mailed off my first letter to him right before checking the mail. He says he is doing well. He has put on weight which is good. He was really lean when he left. He says he misses us. That was nice to hear. Then he drops the bomb. Mind you he is great with the shock and awe factor. He is not so great with telling the truth about a lot of things. I have told him he ought to become a writer since he is so imaginative. Back to the news he had. He asked me to please bring his girlfriend (on and off) with us to his graduation in Sept. Says that I am going to be a grandma in 9 months. What?! Says he is happy and hopes I am too.

I called her mom. She said that was news to her. Her daughter still lives at home. She hasn't been acting any different. Says she will ask her when she gets home. A little bit ago her daughter/the girlfriend calls me. No, she is not pregnant. Says this is the third time my son has done this to her mom. Idk. So frustrating. Had a scare a few years back. Turned out yes the girl was, but it wasn't my son's. Grrr. I am so hoping the military is an opportunity for him to realize the truth is the way to go. Just frustrating.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Grrr, it's been a "Monday"

We have received approval in writing from both of the seller's lenders. Good to go in that area. The inspection has been scheduled for later this week. My husband called me today to tell me that our broker called and due to new requirements we don't qualify for the down payment loan. We are first time home buyers. It is kind of like trying to get a job that needs experience, but not being able to have the experience because you have never had a job. Catch 22. We haven't given up. Our broker is checking into some avenues for us. It is just so frustrating. For those of you who know me personally, I am usually pretty easy going. My poor nerves these last two weeks are worn out. Patience, patience. Ugh.

I keep going back to something someone sent me: When God takes something from your grasp, He's not punishing you, but merely opening your hands to receive something better.

And: To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did.

I am working hard to remember these.

Sunday, June 29, 2008


A week ago my oldest son left for boot camp. I watched a show on the Military Channel about Making Marines. It was good to see what goes on. We are hoping to receive a letter from him soon. I am really looking forward to seeing him in uniform.

We are close to purchasing our first house. We are waiting on written approval from their second lender and then it is off to the appraisal and inspection. We are hoping to be moving in the first part of August.

My youngest son is in summer school at the high school. He really likes it. He is also going out for football. He is a freshman. The first week was really hard on him physically. There was one day he thought he couldn't make it any further. They were doing "gassers." Running back and forth, back and forth about 100 yards each way. Thank goodness he is getting used to it. My favorite part is that he is known as "Sunshine" after the kid in 'Remember the Titans.' He has long, shaggy strawberry blond hair. I told him he will be known around school, for a good reason, once it starts. He has made friends with some of the upper classmen on the football team.

My daughter is hanging out this summer. We had her best friend stay with us for five days. They had fun. I am so grateful there was only a few minutes of grumpiness. My best friend had her baby early. My daughter and I went to see them the day after they went home. My daughter asked to hold the baby. I was so impressed with how careful she was. When we went to the baby shower two weeks later and my daughter asked again to hold the him. So sweet.
Having my oldest son leave, my youngest son pushing himself to his limits and playing the waiting game on this house has played havoc on me this last week. I am not working since it is summer. I sometimes miss the scheduled day. Although I am totally enjoying getting to sleep in or just hang out in my pj's.
Life is good!

Monday, May 19, 2008


I made a bracelet I am very excited about. A friend of mine asked me to make it for her friend. Green and pink she said. You know with the sparkly beads. I mulled it around in my head. Four days later I have created it. I really like it. It is very feminine. Unfortunately, she is out of town for a week. I will have to wait until next week to show it to her. Her computer is down so emailing her a pic is out of the question. I really think she will like it.

And, if all goes well, we will be moving into "our" house not too far from hers. I haven't told her that yet. Pretty exciting.

(It will be a year this week that we moved my son out of our house. Hard feelings. I wish he were more trustworthy. I am sad. I miss him. I don't miss his behaviors.)

Time for a little ice cream and off to bed. It was a hot one today. Yuck. Thank goodness for the breeze. It helped to cool the sweat. Gross, but true. LOL.

Sunday, May 18, 2008


We have been house hunting for a few weeks now. Boy, we have seen some real dumps. We saw one that listed that it had a pool. When we got to the backyard there was just a big yard. No pool. The owners had left a note with rocks holding it stating that they had filled the pool and buried the shed. Weird. Who knows what else is buried in there. Creepy. A few days after the house came on the market it was removed. That either means it is pending sale or it foreclosed. This house was already bank owned. Hard to believe someone bought it. The rest of the house was in total disarray. Just wild.

We put an offer on a house today that we ALL like. We are so hoping. It is foreclosed. It is a nice size with room to put a pool in and still have some backyard.

House hunting is mentally and physically tiring. The roller coaster ride. (I don't like roller coasters.) My husband's co-worker and buddy is also looking for a house. Nothing like a little competition among friends.

Off to create some jewelry...

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Playing with the big kids...

Last night I went out with my husband to a pool hall to meet some folks from work. It was one of the guys' birthday. I was glad they had ESPN on. Gave me something to do. The Padres won. Go Padres!!! I don't drink alcohol. So, I had a bottle of water. (And brought in some 31 Flavors ice cream.) Some of the folks were already plastered. It is weird watching how foolish drunk people behave. I just don't get it. I can be silly without drinking. Most of them left by 10 pm. They had to work today. The only ones left were my husband, his buddy and myself. We were at a pool table near the center. I could see around the whole place. There were your typical females with little tops on and their butts and boobs hanging out. There were two fellows with really nicely ironed shirts and nice shoes. I think they iron their shirts together. They were having a great time and their hair looked great. There were the lonely looking fellows so drunk, or tired, or both, just sitting there looking lifeless. There were a few senior folks. They were having fun too. I hit one ball in when I played. Pretty rusty. But, it was a nice smooth shot.

There was a punching thing in the corner. Looked like it measured your psi after you hit it. My husband and his buddy went over to it. I stayed at the pool table. I had watched other guys hit it earlier. I just couldn't watch when my husband hit it. I guess seeing the wind up and exertion was too much. I know he is struggling with work. The owner insisted he fire a fellow whom my husband felt did nothing to warrant being fired. Nor did anybody else in the entire shop who witnessed the situation. Ethics. The owner's ethics seem pretty immoral based on the holy dollar. Just not right. My husband got into fights when he was a teenager. I have the hardest time watching UFC and even wrestling, even though I know they are just acting. I don't do violence.

So, here I sit wondering when my husband is leaving his present job to go to work for a guy who left the same business last year and has started up his own business. Does he want my husband to work for him just to spite the owner? Does he really want my husband to work with him because of his skills? It is a new business with big promises. I am leary. They guy lied to the owner about his reasons for leaving. Said he was going to retire. BS. My husband used to claim that this guy had major mood swings. Now he tells me the guy is bipolar. Untreated? Scary. I know my husband is frustrated where he is work-wise, but is it worth changing jobs and getting stuck in a situation just for the new boss to seek revenge with the old? No, if you ask me.

Sometimes you find out you are the bigger person when "playing with the big kids." I would rather go looking for ladybugs.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


All I can say is it was the end of a ferocious migraine. Thank goodness it is over.

Monday, April 7, 2008


Spring is here. I am seeing ladybugs everywhere I go. One landed on my shirt the other day. Today the kids at school were more interested in looking for ladybugs than playing their daily game of soccer. It was neat seeing them so into the world around them. They were so excited when a ladybug would stay on their arm or hand for a few seconds.

Last week, as a thank you, I made a ladybug bracelet for a friend. She is also my "Number One Customer." She wore it today. It is so cute, if I say so myself. I am going to make more bracelets like hers and name it after her Etsy name. Lvladybugs is her name. I am going to entitle the bracelets "Luvs Ladybugs."

If I were ever to get a tatoo, it would be of a ladybug sitting on my right shoulder.

On a personal note, I have been waiting to hear from my oldest son as to when he is due to leave for Army boot camp. No word yet. It is hard to let go and be patient.

Off to play with the ladybugs!!!

Sunday, April 6, 2008


I am new to blogging. Guess you already figured that out. lol. I am hoping to share my experiences, strengths and hopes here. I am a married mother of three children and two cats. I am a happy crafter with Etsy is an online community where handmade items can be bought and sold. I was in my first treasury today thanks to someone really sweet I just met yesterday. It is very flattering and exciting to be posted in an Etsy treasury. Making jewelry and selling it has become a big commitment. Thank goodness I enjoy it. I am a new member of Military Brats at Etsy and San Diego's East County Team.

I work at my daughter's school as a noon duty. I supervise the students during their lunch time and recess following lunch. I work with first graders through sixth graders. Our school is the last in our district to have a sixth grade. Our school is a magnet school. Students who attend while in the third through sixth grade are either in a GATE Identified class (Gifted and Talented), a FAME class (performing arts) or in a STAR class (Science, Technology and Research). My younger son and my daughter are GATE Identified. My older son is in the process of joining the Army.

I am hoping to keep up with this blog. We shall see.

Hasta luego,