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Sunday, April 5, 2009

My Grandson

Aden Nicholi De La Torre

Aden was born November 21, 2008. I went to the hospital with my son. My son's girlfriend took me to see Aden in the NICU. So sweet and precious. He looks so much like my son did when he was a baby. They are both cheeky fellows.

My son Anthony at 2-1/2 months and his son Aden at 2 months

My son got his first tatoo yesterday. It is of a cross with Aden's name encircling it. Above the cross is Aden's birthdate. Wow!

Silly just like me!


ruth hill radcliffe said...

what a beautiful boy! And so nice to have a grandson...don't think I'm going to be a grandmother so I love on everyone elses.

oceankisses said...

Wow! Thats quite a name for that little baby to grow in to! Congratulations! said...

He is beautiful....COngratulations!
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Zo-Be Designs said...

He's gorgeous Liz! Congrats on the baby boy

Janette P. said...

Congratulations! What a cute baby and so lucky to be your grandson!