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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Feeling better

I have survived my pity party. Hooray! What a downer. Guess I had to get it off my mind and chest.

We went to my younger son's end of summer school barbecue this evening. We watched a really cool video of the kids throughout the six weeks of school. A lot of great team building activities. It was really neat seeing my son and his friends in the video. I also introduced myself to his girlfriend and ex-girlfriend's mothers. The ex-girlfriend's mom had just met my son today. That is kind of weird. This was middle school boyfriend/girlfriend. A lot of texting and instant messaging. Oh yeah, and many hours of phone time. The awkward thing about this is the ex-girlfriend introduced my son to her friend and now they are "together." Okay. The ex's mom says her daughter is the resident match maker.

I have been keeping busy with "tagging" other members on the Etsy Military Brats Street Team. If you look through my shop in the descriptions you will find links to the other member's shops. It has been fun looking through their shops and mine for items that compliment each other.

I am feeling better. Deep breath and smiling.

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